2016 Annual General Meeting


It's time for the MCFC Annual General Meeting


Please join us on Saturday, October 22 at the Robson Valley Community Centre.
Tea, coffee and snacks will be provided.


2:00 - 3:00 Open House

There will be maps and information available for the new proposed Forest Stewardship Plan (FSP) for the McBride Community Forest.
The FSP map shows the location of the timber and non-timber values to be managed for within the community forest. The FSP also states the results, strategies or measures that the MCFC will achieve in order to be consistent with government objectives for forest values.
In addition to the FSP, maps and information will be available showing the areas where MCFC is considering development activities within the next year or two. The MCFC management team will be available to explain the proposed plans and receive input.

3:00 – 4:00 MCFC AGM

This is a shareholder's meeting, with a formal AGM requirement for the following agenda:

  • Minutes of the last AGM
  • MCFC Chair's Report
  • MCFC Manager's Report
  • Year End Financial Report
  • Appointment of Auditors
  • Appointment of Directors
  • Other Business

4:00 Q&A

The meeting will then be open for questions from the community.

The MCFC management team will be available after the meeting to address questions and receive input on the maps and plans.