Seeking Expressions of Interest MCFC Board of Directors

There are currently two positions to fill on the five-person board. The MCFC Articles of Incorporation (Section 14.5) grants the right to the Board of Directors to fill these 'casual vacancies'. Casual vacancies occur when a seat becomes vacant during a term rather than at the end when the vacancy is filled by the Shareholder at the AGM. The term of the positions will be until the 2017 AGM, at which point a person can put their name forward for a full 2-year term.

This call for Expressions of Interest is not affected by the current status of the Shareholder. According to Section 14.6 of the Articles of Incorporation, if there is quorum on the MCFC board (which is 3), the board has the power to act.

The MCFC is in a time of transition and restructuring as staff and the board work to put into place a framework for responsible fiscal and forest management and a positive relationship with the community. We are seeking people with forestry, financial, community volunteer experience and/or local knowledge to be a part of the team.
All potential directors must support the MCFC Board Governance Policy which can be found on the MCFC website on the About Us section.

New Process
We believe it is in the best interests of the community and the future success of the MCFC to pilot out a new process that has long been voiced by the community as their preferred method for filling seats on the board.

An election will be held in January whereby the people residing in the area served by the MCFC (Holiday Creek {aka Baker} to Ptarmigan Creek) have an opportunity to vote to fill the vacancies. The Board will take the outcome of the election as a community endorsement for the casual vacancies, and has committed to appoint the two people with the highest number of votes. The election process, which will include an all candidates meeting, will be announced in January.

If you are interested in becoming a MCFC director, send your name and contact information along with a brief description of your skills, experience and interests by email to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. MCFC Chair

If you submitted an EOI for the board in August, please confirm that you would like to have your name considered in this new process.
Deadline for EOI submission is January 6th.